Matti Eskelinen

Matti is a 37-year-old software professional, and his upcoming doctoral thesis discusses structured statistical methods for analyzing signals and data. He got his master’s degree in 2005 from University of Jyväskylä majoring in computer science, with minors in mathematics and statistics, and received excellent grades. His passions include science and technology, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, and various gadgets and systems for making people’s lives easier and more comfortable.

For more than 17 years, Matti has gathered experience from all kinds of software development tasks. He has developed command line tools and desktop applications, smartphone applications starting from the first Symbian devices up until the modern Android devices, and web applications for both server and client side. He has written procedural, object oriented and functional software. In addition to software development work, he has taken part in large integration and maintenance projects and been in charge of building and releasing complex software packages.

In summary, we can conclude that during his career Matti has been involved in many kinds of things, and even though he hasn’t have the time to specialize in any environment or role, his strength is his universality and wide experience. He can take practically any kind of software development task, get started quickly supported by his experience, and learn the necessary knowledge as the work progresses. His particular strong point is problem solving and internalizing complicated concepts, as well in investigating problems as in coming up with new solutions.