Do you need help in developing your software? Do you have some extra cash for trying out a new idea, but no-one available to work on the trials? Argomens is a software consulting firm, that offers reliable, confidential and flexible expert services. The company is based in the Jyväskylä region of Finland, but the services are available anywhere in the world upon agreement on terms. Send a request for contact, and we can discuss more!

The founder and currently the only employee of the company is Matti Eskelinen, whose profile you can find following the link.

We can make flexible arrangements for performing all kinds of software development tasks on fixed price. This is an easy option for example for new start-up companies, but also for established software companies, who temporarily need some flexibility in their resourcing.

For each customer’s problems, we define suitable solution packages, that can be delivered on predictable schedule. The goal is to carry out the work in an agile fashion, delivering working prototypes and partial solutions at a steady pace. In addition to actual software or components, it is possible to complete also design or investigation tasks.

The company specializes in

  • intelligent, learning and adaptive software (artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision…),
  • other complicated algorithm design and implementation tasks, and
  • generally all kinds of challenging software development work that demands problem solving skills and the ability to internalize complicated concepts.

The long term goal of the company is to achieve the status of expertise in intelligent software systems and possibly to grow into a larger development studio. In the early stage, however, when establishing customer relations, it is possible to take all kinds of challenging assignments. No propositions will be turned down straight away, as long as they are not illegal or against good business practice. For a suitable price, it is possible to perform a short preliminary investigation project for figuring out the best options for solving the problem.

Still interested? The contact information can be found on the ‘contact‘ page, where you can also leave a request for contact!